Experiencing Libertarian Communism on Staten Island during the Blackout of 2003 (at least on some blocks and on some streets)

In the 2003, I saw the village of Rosebank produce without bosses, consume without money, keep order without police, enjoy freedom without soldiers, make collective decisions without politicians, and have those decisions be acted upon without trampling upon individual autonomy. People were drinking beer in the streets, kids were riding minibikes, people were having spontaneous block parties, people formed mutual aid networks getting needed things done, some provided generated electricity to the community, others babysat the children, and society functioned for that short amount of time in a libertarian fashion very similiar to Ukraine in 1918 and Spain in 1936. It always stuck with me and eventually I just embraced it as my ideal vision.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Shift

Before I get into Trump’s foreign policy shift, let us tackle the issue of Syria in simple terms.  This is by no means a comprehensive foreign policy analysis of the Syrian crisis but it will serve the purpose of illustrating the major shift on Trump’s part.

The main forces in Syria are the Assad Regime and the Anti-Assad Rebels.  Assad is this secular Arab nationalist with a questionable human rights record very similar to Saddam Hussein.  The Assad Regime doesn’t play well with the U.S. Empire and the ideal interests of Wall Street.  With that being said, the U.S. ruling class under the presidency of Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State supported, funded, and armed an insurrection against the Assad Regime and started an imperialist proxy war.  The main group in Syria who stood in opposition to Assad was ISIS so the United States aligned with ISIS against Assad.  Some say that the United States created ISIS as a way to overthrow Assad.  The Russian state stepped in under the leadership of Putin to support, fund, and arm the Assad Regime since the Russian ruling class has its own political-economic interests combined with Russia’s general hatred for Islamic terrorism due to its recent experiences with Chechnya.  Putin committed Russian support for Assad against the threat of ISIS.  This put the United States and Russia at odds.

During the 2016 U.S. presidential campaigns, Hillary Clinton positioned herself as the champion of Wall Street, a defender of liberal capitalism, and a “New Democrat” after the mold of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Barack Obama.  She positioned herself as the war hawk who wanted to go to war with Assad, overthrow Assad, and openly challenge Russia internationally.  Hillary Clinton’s position was the position of major players on Wall Street, major players in the Democratic Party, and major players in the Republican Party.  Trump’s victory represented a populist rejection of Wall Street, of the political establishment, and of war with Russia.

After Trump’s election, the U.S. ruling class created and funded a movement which was Anti-Trump, Anti-Russia, Anti-Putin, Pro-Capitalism, and Pro-War.  The J20 protests, the media’s aggressive attacks on Trump, and the Women’s March on DC were all heavily supported by the majority of the U.S. ruling class.

When Trump ordered air strikes against the Assad regime, he engaged in a major foreign policy shift.  Trump embraced the foreign policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Wall Street, and the major players in the U.S. Empire.  With this foreign policy shift, Trump gained massive establishment support while alienating the forces which got him elected whether they were mid-western factory workers or “Alt-Right” partisans.

What I Stand For

I am a libertarian communist. I favor unrestricted personal liberty and the securing of personal property. I also favor the abolition of private property, of the police, of the army, of political borders, of governments (local, regional, national, and international), of money, of debt, of commodification, and of taxation generally. I wish to see a world full of directly democratic autonomous villages freely associating with one another. Within those villages, I want individual autonomy and personal liberty to be respected. This is the goal.

Modern Unions Are A Joke

Historical Fact – Unions were much more effective, authentic, and democratic when they were criminalized by the legal system since they were not sedated, chained, dominated, and turned into tools during that time. As an attempt to get the labor movement under control in the 1930’s, the U.S. government led by FDR legalized large sections of the labor movement, gave workers huge raises, and gave up other concessions in exchange for the taming of the labor movement, the sedation of the militant working class, and general working class loyalty to U.S. state capitalism.
In the 1940’s, with the Taft-Hartley Act, the U.S. government tightened the noose to control the tamed labor movement even more. The Wagner Act was a way for FDR to prevent an anticapitalist revolution and the Taft-Hartley Act was a way to move back to the days before Wagner Act to better control these new legalized unions. The Taft Law banned political strikes, solidarity strikes, general strikes, sit-in strikes, and other effective labor practices.
They sedated the workers with legalization then they moved in to castrate them. They were successful both times. The 1930’s made the labor movement the controlled opposition and simply a wing of middle class liberalism. The 1940’s made this controlled opposition weaker and more ineffective.
Today, unions simply act like coercive bureaucratic anti-worker economic cartels, political lobbying organs, and defenders of the status quo.