The Resurrection of Christ, the Second Coming of Christ, and the Present Reality

Many do not understand the connection between the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and what those facts mean in the here and now. The Resurrection is like the Victorious Election of a new President. The Second Coming is when the President Elect fully takes power. The here and now is like the time between November and January when the President Elect’s enemies have already been defeated but still remain in power. Fun Fact – The only class I outright failed in University was Theology. Now Theology is one of the things I study for fun.

Throwback Saturday – This was written years ago back when I was a Jeffersonian Liberal

Instead of a federal system of professional soldiers we should have the following. We should have radically decentralized civilian defense associations. No one will invade the Swiss because every civilian is armed to the teeth. No need to spend 1 trillion dollars on centralized failure every year.

Thomas Jefferson believed that a people’s defense from external invasion and foreign domination was best served by a highly decentralized network of voluntary civilian militias. If people need to defend their lives, their liberties, their homes, and their communities, then all they need is the will to do so. No need for a highly aggressive military state funded through oppressive taxation.

The individual liberty to keep and bear arms as means to protect oneself, one’s family, one’s friends, and one’s community from the tyranny of government (i.e. the police) was at the core of the second amendment when it was originally proposed and championed by the common people. That moral right would have existed regardless if that amendment was ratified or not. Going back the Minute Men of 1775, the primary reason why they were keeping and bearing arms was to keep the police (i.e. the Redcoats) out of their communities.

From a “Law and Order” conservative stand point, the Founding Fathers should be way more offensive than the Black Panthers historically speaking. Also, what Sam Adams and his friends did during the Boston Tea Party (before the revolution exploded) when they hijacked commercial ships, seized millions of dollars corporate property, and then proceeded to destroy that corporate property as a protest against the evils of the corrupt marriage between Big Business and Big Government should be extremely offensive to the modern conservative. If Occupy Wall Street or even some sections of the Tea Party Movement went into NYC Harbor, hijacked several commercial ships, and then proceeded to dump the contents into the water, then we would all hear Sean Hannity and Mark Levin along side Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton calling for the arrest, trial, and execution of these people for treason, terrorism, insurrection, and massive property destruction.

Now let us focus on modern local politics (at least local to me). “Stop and Frisk” is an iron-fisted gun control measure designed to disarm citizens (especially African-Americans). Every Republican who threw their hat into the 2013 mayoral race were in full throat support of the measure while most of the opposition came from the Left. John Cats for one wanted to TRIPLE the amount of police on the streets while John Lhota wanted to go to war with imaginary “biker gangs”. Conservatism, dating back to Thomas Hobbes, has always been about an all-powerful police state to protect the rich and the powerful.

With all this being said, I do not care what people call themselves. If they support the people armed and they are disturbed by the socio-economic system we have right now because it restricts freedom, security, and community, then they are cool. Apathy is a dangerous thing and most Americans sadly are extremely apathetic. I support peace and dialogue but I also believe in liberty and self-defense.

5 Economic Reforms

5 economic reforms.

1 – Massive tax increases on automated production.

2 – The building of an elaborate Hamiltonian tariff system on the road to economic nationalism and autarky.

3 – The abolition of the minimum wage.

4 – The eradication of the food stamp program which simply props up Big Agriculture while keeping food prices high.

5 – The eradication of government unemployment insurance.


Against Mandated Child Support

The man should only be legally required to support his child or children conceived and born within wedlock.  The purpose of marriage is to protect mothers and children.  Outside the context of marriage, there should be absolutely no protection for mothers and children.  The feminist measure of mandated child support is destroying the foundations of Western civilization.  If feminists want absolute autonomy over their body and lifestyle, then they should shoulder the economic costs as well.  If we as a society got rid of mandated child support, then women would be much more responsible and cautious when dealing with issues of sex.  Also, this change in female behavior would force males to act more like gentlemen.  The whole culture would improve.  Of course, men should support their children no matter what but they should not be legally mandated to do so outside the context of marriage.

NAFTA, CAFTA, and TPP are not Authentic Free Trade

I am no advocate of free trade, but even if I was then I would not support international free trade agreements since that would not be authentic free trade. Free trade agreements are in reality international managed trade. Free trade would only require the unilateral abolition of all trade barriers, quotas, restrictions, and tariffs. In essense, authentic free trade would look more like Jefferson than Clinton. Regardless, I am not a free trader in either sense since I support the tariff plans of Hamilton, Clay, and Lincoln.

Yes, I am a Luddite…

The original Luddites did not oppose technological advancement. They opposed the use of technological advancement to disrupt culture, to displace workers, to break up communities, and to disintegrate the fabric of society. They realized that there were more important things than endless economic growth. They realized that economic issues were also tied into cultural issues.
One modern Luddite reform I would like to see implemented within the United States is the taxing of automated production.  To give a simple example, I support the taxing of automated cashiers and self-checkout devices.  I believe that each one of those machines should be taxed at the rate of at least $100,000 per year.